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Amazon.Com Andoh, Anthony. 1987. The Science and Romance of Selected Herbs Used in Medicine and Religious Ceremony.
North Scale Institute Publishing. 324 pp. ISBN 0916299244
Many herbs from around the world, and their medical and/or sacred uses.

Amazon.Com Beaubaire, Nancy,, ed. 1996: Native Perennials: North American Beauties;
Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Brooklyn, NY 111 pp. ISBN 0-945352-92-1
Photos, descriptions, how to grow.

Amazon.Com Bloomfield, Harold H.. 1998. Healing Anxiety with Herbs .
HarperCollins 288 pp. ISBN 0060191279
Kava kava, valerian, gingko, ginseng, licorice root and milk thistle are discussed.

Amazon.Com Brown, Lauren 1979: Grasses, an identification guide;
Houghton Mifflin, NY 240 pp. ISBN 0-395-62881-4

Amazon.Com Crouch, Tammy. 1995. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Repetitive Stress Injuries: The Comprehensive Guide to Prevention, Treatment and Recovery.
North Atlantic Books 163 pp. ISBN 1883310501
Not related to herbalism, this book nonetheless has some valuable insights into the nature and treatment of repetitive wrist stress injuries, and is included here as the topic is near and dear to the heart of this webpage's author.

Amazon.Com Foley, Daniel J., ed. 1974. Herbs for Use and for Delight: an Anthology from The Herbarist. Dover Publications, New York. 323 pp. ISBN 0-486-23104-6
Short monographs dating from 1935 to 1971 on various herbs, dying, teas, perfumes, and rock gardens.

Fries, James F., MD and Donald M. Vickery, MD. 1990. Take Care of Yourself: The Healthtrac(TM) guide to medical care, 4th ed.;
Addison-Wesley, Reading, MA. 536 pp., ISBN 0-201-55061-X
Doesn't pertain to herbs, but is a very useful resource for people interested in home care of ailments, as well as preventative medicine.

Gottlieb, A. 1983. Legal Highs;
20th Century Alchemist, Manhattan Beach, CA. 64 p. No ISBN discernable.
Emphasizes contraindications and responsibility.

Harris, Ben Charles. 1969. Eat the Weeds.
Kents Publishing, Inc., New Canaan, CT. 254 p. ISBN 0-87983-626-1.
What is edible, how to cook and prepare it, etc. It does not seem as though all the contraindications are in place, so use this as a supplemental book.

Hart, Robert A. de J. 1994: Forest Gardening;
Green Books; Totnes, Devon, England 212 pp. ISBN 1-870098-44-7

Kavasch, Barrie. 1979. Native Harvests;
Vintage Books, New York. 202 pp. ISBN 0-394-72811-4
Foods and herbs of the North American Native Americans.

Amazon.Com Kavasch, Barrie. 1999. American Indian Healing Arts: Herbs, Rituals, and Remedies for Every Season of Life;
Bantam Books, New York. 309 pp. ISBN 0553378813
Foods and herbs of the North American Native Americans.

Klimas, John E. 1975: A Pocket Guide to the Common Wild Flowers of Connecticut;
Walker and Company, New York 60 pp. ISBN 0-8027-0488-3

Amazon.Com Marcin, Marietta M. 1993: The Herbal Tea Garden: planning, planting, harvesting and brewing;
Storey Communications, Pownal, VT 224 pp. ISBN 0-88266-827-7

Amazon.Com McKenna, Terence. 1992. Food of the Gods: The search for the original tree of knowledge;
Bantam Books, NY 311 pp. ISBN 0553371304.

Amazon.Com Marti, James. 1995. Alternative Health and Medicine: The Authorative Guide to Holistic and Nontraditional Health Practices;
Visible Ink, Detroit 462 pp. ISBN 1578590205.
Alternative and holistic healing methods for a variety of ailments.

McNair, James K. 1990. All About Herbs.
Ortho Books, San Ramon, CA. 112 pp. ISBN 0-89721-224-X
This book focuses on the culinary herbs, with recipies for food and potpourris. There are many growing ideas; although the publishers also sell pesticides, they minimize the discussion of the glories of pesticides, and such sections as do exist can be skipped.

Miller, Richard Alan. 1983. The Magical and Ritual Use of Herbs.
Destiny Books, Rochester, VT 143 pp. ISBN 0-89281-047-5

Montfort, Anne. 1982. Grandmother's Herbs and Simples; Uphill Press, Newfane, VT. 30 pp.
A pamphlet which came with my subscription to the Herb Quarterly (below), with bits of lore and uses for a select few herbs. It just sets out the folklore, but it would be nice if contraindications could have accompanied at least two of the herbs.

Amazon.Com Murphey, Edith van Allen. 1990. Indian Uses of Native Plants;
Meyerbooks, Glenwood, IL. 81 pp. ISBN 0-916638-15-4.

Amazon.Com Runkle, Sylvan T., and Dean M. Rossa. 1989. The Wild Flowers of the Tall Grass Prairie: The Upper Midwest.
Iowa State University Press 279 pp. ISBN 0813819792.
Discusses these wildflowers, including uses by the Native Americans and early European settlers.

Amazon.Com Schultes, Richard Evans and Albert Hofmann 1992: Plants of the Gods: their sacred, healing and hallucinogenic powers;
Healing Arts Press, Rochester, VT 192 pp. ISBN 0-89281-406-3

Amazon.Com Schultes, Richard E. and von Reis, Siri 1995: Ethnobotany: evolution of a discipline;
Dioscorides Press Portland, OR 414 pp. ISBN 0-931146-28-3

Amazon.Com Sheldon, J., M. Balick and S. Laird. 1997. Medicinal Plants: Can Utilization and Conservation Coexist?.
Warner Books, New York 372 pp. ISBN 0893274062
The ramifications of overharvesting of herbs, illustrated by case histories. Recommendations are made to enhance environmental considerations and conserve the herbs in question.

Springhouse Corporation 1992: Handbook of Psychotropic Drugs;
Springhouse Corporation, Springhouse, PA 308 pp. ISBN 0-87434-391-7

Amazon.Com Tobyn, Graeme 1997: Culpeper's Medicine: A Practice of Western Holistic Medicine. Element Books, Rockport, MA. 278 pp. ISBN 1-85230-943-1
Discusses the philosophies and beliefs behind Culpeper's approach to medicine. The author appreciates that Culpeper did not see the body as being divorced from the mind.

Amazon.Com Zuess, Jonathan 1998: The Wisdom of Depression: A Guide to Understanding and Curing Depression Using Natural Medicine. Harmony Books, 272 pp. ISBN 0609601083
There's something appealing about this title. It is Dr. Zuess's thesis that depression is usually more than a brain chemistry imbalance -- it is a symptom of a need to address imbalance in one's life, within a holistic framework. The process of depression can become a powerful, creative healing path -- it is when people get "stuck" that most of the assistance is required to transform.


Amazon.Com Cabot, Sandra. 1995. Smart Medicine for Menopause: Hormone Replacement Therapy and Its Natural Alternatives.
Avery Publishing Group, Garden City Park, NY 201 pp. ISBN 0-89529-628-4
Various approaches, including herbal.

Amazon.Com Lee, John R.. 1996. What Your Doctor May Not Tell You about Menopause: The Breakthrough Book on Natural Progesterone.
Warner Books, New York 372 pp. ISBN 0-446-67144-4
A medical doctor delves into the benefits of natural progesterone.

Amazon.Com Simkin, Ariel and Judith Ayalon. 1996. Bone Loading: Exercises for Osteoporosis.
Prion, London 160 pp. ISBN 1-85375-211-8.
Bone loading exercises to stimulate an increase in bone calcium. Ideas for the sedentary as well as the more active post-menopausal woman. As only the bones being so exercised gain an increase in calcium, and hence, strength, the many upper-body exercises in this book are indeed additionally useful. There's also a section with general information on osteoporosis.

Amazon.Com Weed, Susun S.. 1992. Menopausal Years: The Wise Woman Way.
Ash Tree Publishing, Woodstock, NY 199 pp. ISBN 0-9614620-4-3


Amazon.Com Bubel, Nancy. 1988. The New Seed-Starters Handbook.
Rodale Press 385 pp. ISBN 0878577521.
An excellent compendium of seed-starting knowledge for all types of plants that will grow in North American climes. Covers starting seeds indoors and outdoors, cold frames, transplantation, collecting and storing seeds, seed exchanges and seed banks, as well as special seed needs. Most of the plants I've looked for are discussed. Sources are included. Definitely recommended for the novice and intermediate seed-grower.

Amazon.Com Burrell, C. Colston. 1997. A Gardener's Encyclopedia of Wild Flowers: An Organic Guide to Choosing and Growing over 150 Beautiful Wildflowers.
Rodale Press 216 pp. ISBN 0-87596-723-x.
In addition, this book also includes sources for seeds and plants.

Amazon.Com Burrell, C. Colston. 1998. The Shady Border: Knockout Plants that Light Up the Shadows.
Brooklyn Botanic Garden 111 pp. ISBN 1-889538-06-x.
A well-illustrated handbook on what one can grow as a shady border plant, whether in dry, moist or wet shade environments.

Amazon.Com Burrell, C. Colston. 1995. Woodland Gardens: Shade Gets Chic.
Brooklyn Botanic Gardens 111 pp. ISBN 0-945-35290-5.
Both border plants and plants of the underlying woodland canopy. Plus some information on trees.

Amazon.Com Cook, Alan D., 1991. Pruning Techniques: Plants and Gardens. Brooklyn Botanic Garden Report, Brooklyn NY. 96 pp. ISBN 0-945352-61-1.
Well-written pruning guide.

Amazon.Com Damrosch, Barbara, 1988. The Garden Primer. Workman Publishing, New York. 673 pp. ISBN 9-780894-803161
Only partially refers to herbs, this is an all-round good gardening manual. Definitely recommended for the home-grown herbalist.

Amazon.Com Erler, Catriona Tudor, 1995 Better Homes and Gardens Step-by-Step Herbs. Better Homes and Gardens Books, Des Moines, Iowa. 132 pp. ISBN 0-696-20658-7
Readable tips and tricks of herb-growing. Discussions of various styles of herb gardens. Includes a section on resources for herb gardens.

Amazon.Com Jones, Samuel B., Jr, and Leonard Foote. 1997. Gardening with Native Wild Flowers.
Timber Press 209 pp. ISBN 0-88192-381-8.
Includes commercial sources for plants and seeds; includes discussions on wildflowers, grasses, ferns, and information on propagation.

Amazon.Com Phillips, Harry R.. 1985. Growing and Propagating Wild Flowers.
University of North Carolina Press 331 pp. ISBN 0-8078-4131-5.

Amazon.Com Phillips, Roger and Martyn Rix, 1992. The Random House Book of Perennials: Volume I Early Perennials. Random House, New York. 673 pp. ISBN 0-679-73797-9
Excellent resource for professional and amateur gardeners alike, complete with over 1200 detailed color photos.

Amazon.Com Phillips, Roger and Martyn Rix, 1992. The Random House Book of Perennials: Volume II Late Perennials. Random House, New York. ISBN 0-679-73798-7
Excellent resource for professional and amateur gardeners alike, complete with over 1200 detailed color photos, and companion to the previous volume.

Amazon.Com Rogers, Marc 1991: Saving Seeds: The Gardener's Guide to Growing and Storing Vegetable and Flower Seeds. Storey Books ISBN 0882666347
Not as comprehensive as I might have liked, but there are some good ideas.

Amazon.Com Schultz, Warren. 1996. The Chemical-Free Lawn: No Pesticides, No Herbicides, No Chemical Fertilizers.
Rodale Press 194 pp. ISBN 0-87857-801-3.
Barring the fact that all tangible items on this planet are made out of chemicals, this is a really handy book for raising up an organic lawn. Starting a lawn, maintaining your lawn, dealing with pesky insects and unwanted vegetation -- this is well written and organized. Alas, though, the bit about dealing with mole hills advertized on the back of the book must be tucked away into some obscure little corner, because I can't find it. However, this book is indeed recommended.

Stickland, Sue 1986: Planning your Organic Herb Garden;
Thorsons, London, England 127 pp. ISBN 0-7225-1143-4

Note: This site does not advocate or promote the use of mind-altering drugs, herbs, or the like. Titles are provided for informational use only. It is beyond the scope of this website to discuss such herbs further.

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