oregano thumbnail Oregano - Origanum vulgare:


This is a low-lying herb with rounded leaves, which typically grows as a spreading groundcover. The leaves when crushed will impart a typical aroma. There are many varieties of oregano, some more flavorful than others.

Growing Info:

This is a reasonably hardy perennial. It prefers to grow in full sun, in well-drained soils. It is southern European in origin, and hence prefers similar climates. After several years, the plant becomes woody. It grows best if cut back, and if divided every few years.

Culinary Uses:

The prime use of this herb is culinary. It is a staple of Greek and Italian cuisines. One may cook it in sauces, with tomatoes, or in a number of ways. Use dried, or fresh.

Medicinal Uses in Folklore:


Scanning the Scientific Literature:

A literature search revealed no data for oregano.

Other Info:

This plant is closely related to sweet marjoram (Oreganum majorana).


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Last Updated: March 7, 1999.