tarragon thumbnail Tarragon - Artemisia dracunculus:


This is a shrubby herb with thin leaves and a stem which grows woody after a couple of years. It is a semi-hardy perennial that can reach a height of three feet. It will flower during the middle or late summer.

Growing Info:

This plant prefers sun to partial sun. It takes well to an herb garden.

Culinary Uses:

The prime use of this herb is culinary rather than medicinal. It has a delicate flavor which none the less is often used in vinegars. It is best put into food close to the end of its cooking time; it is also tasty in salads.

Medicinal Uses in Folklore:

An infusion of this herb in boiling water is said to ease flatulence and minor intestinal complaints.

Scanning the Scientific Literature:

Tarragon has not been studied much scientifically. However, extracts of tarragon have exhibit the ability to induce the enzyme quinone reductase, which is an important enzyme in cancer prevention. The method of processing, of course, may adversely affect tarragon's ability to perform this induction.

Other Info:


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Last Updated: March 7, 1999.