* 101 Gardening Links:
Constantly changing, as new ones get added, and old ones scroll off. A fair number are herbal.

 * Algy's Herb Page:
A nicely-designed and informative site -- folklore, culinary, recipe exchange. Some products for sale.

 * Cyberbotanica:
A discussion of components of herbs which may make them useful in dealing with cancer, maintained at the University of Indiana.

 * Dreamscapes Holistic
Non-profit herbalism, plus holistic, alternative, and spiritual healing.

 * Edible Landscaping Database:
A reasonably-comprehensive database of edible plants and their environment. Promotes self-sufficiency.

 * EnviroLink:
Not specifically herbal, this is a truly intensive environmental resource site.

 * Environmental Herbalism:
Suggestions on how to be an ethical and environmental herbalist.

 * Ethnobotany Café
Info on ethnobotany, and message boards for current discussions on aspects of the topic. Looks to be a worthwhile site.

 * Garden Humor:
A pleasantly-humorous site presented by a man who obviously knows his gardens as well as his wit.

 * Garden of Eden:
Herbs mentioned in the Christian Bible, among other things. I'm still trying to track down where it may have moved to.

 * Gothic Gardening:
An amazing and absorbing site with information on some truly gothic herbs, among other things.

 * Henriette's Herbal Homepage:
An excellent site with medical and culinary herb FAQs. As well as photos and other herbal illustrations.

 * Howie Brounstein's Home:
Wildcrafting, herbal information. Some products for sale.

 * Southwest School of Botanical Medicine:
Herbal illustrations, and herbal resources, especially those from early-century books, are referred to here.

 * Rocky Mountain Herbal Institute:
Resources, mostly online, covering areas relevant to the serious herbalist. Classes and herbology are referenced.

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