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The Herb Quarterly, by Long Mountain Press, Inc., 223 San Anselmo Ave, Suite 7, San Anselmo, CA 94960. One year (USA) subscription $24; single copy $6.
An attractive and informative journal keeping one up on herbal news, information on select herbs, aesthetic design patterns for growing herbs, and information on suppliers.

HerbalGram, by the American Botanical Council and the Herb Research Project, PO Box 201660, Austin, TX 78720. One year (USA) subscription $25; four issues per year; single copy $5.95.
An important journal focusing on the scientific aspects of herbalism, as well as legal/regulatory issues, ethnobotany, and more. They supply many herbal books for sale, in a decidedly wide price range.

Organic Gardening, by Rodale Press, Inc. Publications, PO Box 7304, Red Oak, IA 51591-2304. One year (USA) subscription $25, but frequently discounted. Nine issues per year. Single copy $2.95.
A useful journal dealing with organic means of pest control, fertilizer, and so forth. Frequently they make specific mention of herbs; at other times the gardening techniques may be more generalized.

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