Unless otherwise noted,
photos at this site have been taken by Diann.
Diann's photos are public domain ~~
use them as you see fit
for any non-commercial purposes.
If for Web use,
please copy the actual photo onto your own server
~~ do not link to the photo here ~~
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For other photos, follow the contact link
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Kodak Retina II
Canon EOS Rebel G

FILM: 200 speed.
Agfa, Fuji, or Kodak.

Karl and Dawn's.
Geoffrey and Mimi's.
Eventually, also Jackie's.
The occasional New England roadside.
Roan Mountain State Park, Tennessee.
The Georgetown area of Washington, DC.
(Thank You)

Scanning and Optimizing:
Best Photo Labs
Astra 1200S
(More scanning)
Paint Shop Pro
(Cropping, and minimal optimizing for viewing contrast)

Various Credits:
Anne, Jan, Gwyneth, Judith
(Commentators and provokers)
(Supplied a background or two)
Scott, Bonnie, Linda, Karl, Jackie, Dan
(Sanity restorers)
Marin and Adair
(More sanity in Western Mass.)
Debbie and Michael

Music (MIDI) Credits:
Unknown, of Celtic origin (The Foggy Dew Ballad)
Vangelis (Rain Tea)
Beethoven (Fur Elise)
Francisco Tarrega (Maria)
Nine Inch Nails (Something I Can Never Have)
William Croft (Sarabond in A)
Vivaldi (Concerto for Two Lutes)

A RootGrafix Production

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