Green Gunk

by BabooKyra

This is used topically. Not to be taken internally.

For all versions start with a handful each, preferably fresh: comfrey leaves; yarrow leaves and/or flowers; rosemary leaves; plantain leaves (not the banana, the herb); tea tree essential oil. optional ingredients: sage (salvia officianalis); gunk from inside the aloe vera stalk; calendula petals; St. John's Wort; thyme.

The mediums can be: extra virgin olive oil; cider vinegar; mega proof alcohol; distilled or boiled water.

Throw the solid herbs into a food processor and grind to a paste. I like to use quite a lot because once you grind them down, they really shrink into very little. Add about 20 drops of the tea tree oil.

If you're using oil, with the processor running, slowly dribble in the oil until it's the consistence of pesto. This is usually from 1/3 to 1/2 cup of oil. Scrape the guck into a clean jar with a lid and keep in the frig. You can separate the oil off after a week and keep it separate for scalp treatments or a daub. Use the herb as a poultice. I don't bother and just gloop the mess onto just about any booboo.

For vinegar, scrape the herbs into a clean quart jar with a lid and fill the jar with warm cider vinegar. Let sit for a couple of weeks and then strain and repeat with fresh herbs. Strain into a colored bottle and keep in a cool place. This is a linement and is very good for scabies, bed sores, sore muscles, shingles, and hair rinse, or add to bathwater.

Use water to make an iced poultice. This works like magick after surgery and burns. Scrape herbs into a heat tolerant quart glass jar, pour in boiling water to top and cover. Let cool. Pour half into an ice cube tray and freeze. Store cubes in plastic baggy in frig. Keep the balance in the frig. When a burn occurs, IMMEDIATELY place the ice cube on the wound and keep it there. Meanwhile, full container large enough to immerse the burned area with the refrigerated liquid and add more cubes. Soak the burn in this until pain no longer recurs when removed. It won't hurt while it's immersed. This takes a couple of hours depending on the severity of the burn.

For a soak, just use sterile gauze pads with the cold liquid, strained, keeping the liquid iced with the cubes. This keeps it from diluting. My daughter's nose healed (no swelling or bruising) within two days after surgery for a deviated septum, instead of two weeks, with these compresses.

Oh, in every instance of using these poultices, DO NOT USE COMMERCIAL ADHESIVE BANDAGES. They keep the injuries from healing. And never ever pop a blister!

This is a great time to get these herbs at the local nurseries. You can plant them in planters, just as long as they get a few hours of sun each day. They are seasonal, though, so be sure to continue to clip, dry and store for winter.

If you seal the bottles of vinegar with melted wax and tie a ribbon or raffia around the neck, it makes a terrific present. Just be sure that the giftee knows it's not salad dressing!

© BabooKyra.
You may contact BabooKyra at She also reports that this salve helps get rid of cold sores.

This information is not intended to replace medical advice or treatment. If conditions worsen, or persist, consult your healthcare practitioner.

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