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Herbal Nexus was created as a part of back in 1999. Unfortunately (or maybe it was fortunate in other regards) I got caught up in the world of online history and writing communities. In June 2007, I finally purchased the domain name, returning to an old love of mine. Amazingly, the name was still available.

Herbal Nexus will expand beyond herbs to all sorts of vegetation and trees. Uses through time will be documented and discussed. Herbal Nexus is not in the business of selling herbs, plants, seeds, or anything else, although I will be re-establishing my link with Amazon Books, and potentially utilizing the Google link system. What I want to do here is provide herbal and other information without being beholden to any supplier, and thus perhaps having information "tainted" by accident or otherwise. I will attempt to be as up to date as one fallible and busy human can be.

In the near future, a new forum will be set up via Rustic (a domain also owned by myself), in which in part I hope to encourage herbal conversations and information exchange).

Meanwhile, I'm editing these pages and fixing links. Welcome to Herbal Nexus!





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