lady's mantle thumbnail Lady's Mantle - Alchemilla vulgaris:


This herb gives off uniquely-shaped leaves upon which rainwater will bead. Flowers appear mid-summer on stalks, and are small and yellowish-green.

Growing Info:

Lady's mantle does best in sun or partial sun. It is a hardy perennial which takes well to the garden, given an average amount of water.

Culinary Uses:

I am unaware of any culinary uses for this herb.

Medicinal Uses in Folklore:

It has been said that lady's mantle can be useful in regulating glucose homeostasis (blood sugar levels) in diabetes mellitus.

As an infusion made in boiling water and then, after cooling, either taken by mouth or by vaginal douche, this is said to help relieve excessive menstruation. The powdered root is said to help relieve diarrhea.

Scanning the Scientific Literature:

Scientific research fails to confirm any use for lady's mantle in diabetes and blood sugar regulation.

Very little reference to this herb is found in the literature.

Other Info:

Culpeper marks this as an herb of Venus.

The name of the herb seems to have arisen from the shape of the leaves -- much like a mantle worn by a proper lady.


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Last Updated: March 7, 1999.